This year's Gamestorm (a 4-day-con) saw Fluxx hit the beach running. My wife (the game tech who shall never post for herself) ran four sessions 2-hours each. Each started with a different version of Fluxx but once that game was done a new one was started - with the players choosing the version. Our sessions were named:

Monty Python FLUX Madness

Zombie Horde of the FLUXX

Fluxx Madness of the Cthulhu

The Star FLUX capacitor

Every session was well attended with 4 to 6 people in a game, some people switching in and out here and there. Our Cthulu session having 9 people at the table at one time (we stole the table next to us for room. Whichever one of us was running the game we didn't play we just were the "banker" of the deck so it was easier to get the cards.

Not surprisingly Fluxx was very popular. People were bringing their friends hoping they were able to play in the initial game, enjoying being mean to each other during the game.  We had one girl (mid 20's) who not once but *twice* won without even realizing it during a game of Pirate Flux.

While all the version of Fluxx we brought (which is everything but Stoner FLuxx) it was Pirate and Cthulu versions that people were the most excited about, with Zombie Fluxx right behind them.

This was my wife's first real con being scheduled and being committed to run games and she did a bang-up job. I backstopped her but she never needed it, except when she had to go hit the GM Swag and  a game started soon.

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