I am a Graduate Student in Chemistry at Youngstown State University, and some of the other grad students tossed around the idea of a game night. Tonight was the first of such events and a good time was had by all. All the games that were played were of the Pyramid variety, and the other grad students are well on their way to becoming Starship Captains. We started off playing World War 5. It took everyone a while to get the hang of it, but eventually Africa (me) won the day. Afterwards, I demonstrated a game of IceTowers, and we played a game. One of the other gentlemen, Kyle, won in a landslide, which was a bit of justice seeing as he was eliminated previously from WW5. Finally, there was a demonstration of martian chess, which ended in a two way draw between myself and one of the other students, Cory. After we finished up, everyone was discussing how they needed to get their hands on some pyramids.

Hopefully, next week we'll be meeting again, and i'm going to do my best to bring Fluxx and Chrononauts forward, get more pyramid games introduced, and see if I can get some pictures to share here on the fan club. 

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