I didn't know my mother was an auctioneer

I just got a copy of Lunacy and I decided I wanted to try it out. Before demoing it at conventions. So, I made my boyfriend - who is only into computer shooter games - and my mother try it.
I learned several things. For starters, my mother doesn't know what any of the cards are. (The deck doesn't have a golf ball or a boy, they're the moon and lady liberty respectively.) Also, at some point we started calling the alien an eyeclopse.
I also learned that as my mother gets more into the game, she starts to sound like an auctioneer. "Omgitsadogdoihaveadog". We were hysterical by the time the round was over.

One word of warning. We played for about 90 minutes and I already have a few bent cards. The best part though is that there is no learning curve.

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