Today was the first chance I've really had to play IceDice and I took advantage of my students to do so.:)  I just got a set of promo IceDice yesterday and got them coated right away as I already had some clear nail polish from a previous craft.

Thursdays is our Grammar and Math day and the children tend to get done early, some of them will get done in the first (of three) period.  Today, I waited until all of the children had finished their work and called them to the front of the class.  I pulled out my pyramids and IceDice and they got very interested (they already know a couple of pyramid games).  I used a piece of paper to make a quick "board" showing the counter and two vaults with the bank set off to the side.  Then I proceeded to set up the game for two players to demonstrate.  However, there were four children and they all wanted to play, so I ended up adding another stash and they played as two two-man teams against the teacher.

  Once the children found out that they could take pieces from another player's vault, they would try to do that, even if it didn't always benefit them.  They learned the error of their way after the teacher (me) won the first game by focusing on pieces that I needed.

  I wasn't able to keep playing (had to do teacher stuff) but I did get them set up with 4 rainbow sets so they all had the proper amount of sets to play with.  They wanted to get out the second set of IceDice but I don't have that set ready yet so the children ended up passing the dice back and forth.  They had so much fun playing that they were actually late leaving class.


I also had a later class of older children (13-15).  On their break, I started a game of IceDice.  One tip, always make sure that you have enough stashes for everyone playing.  We tried playing one short and it just took way too long.  We ended up doing a lot of stealing from one another, whether we wanted to or not.  The girls enjoyed the game very much and really like the pyramids.  They were taking photos afterwards, probably to show their friends.  Hope they get their friends interested as well.:)


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Comment by Scott Alan Sulzer on April 21, 2012 at 11:01am

As a follow up, the next day, the children were eager to play again.  Fortunatelly, I had both sets of dice ready by then.


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