Sorry this is so late, but I had great fun on Tabletop Day!  There were a good number of local venues on that day, and I set out with several versions of Fluxx, including the new promo cards from the Kickstarter campaign.  Alas, the first venue I went to was...well, let's just say very disorganized.  I probably should have taken it as a hint that when I sent email offering to host Fluxx, I never got a reply.  I left there and went to a much better venue, the one supporting Oklahoma's largest Science Fiction/Fantasy convention.  I had GREAT fun, and was very delighted at the reaction from some of the visitors.  Some already knew about Fluxx (one person almost cheered when they saw what we were playing), but the new promo cards were of course different.  Some people had been introduced to Fluxx from watching the Tabletop video online (which gave me a wonderful way to describe Fluxx, "It's like Calvinball, the rules change as we go along").  All in all, I had a wonderful time, and even got to give away some of the Cthulhu Fluxx promo cards!

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