This past weekend marked AnCon (Another Game Convention) in Hudson, Ohio, where Josh Denmeade and I ran the Looney Labs tables. Mr. Denmeade took on the pyramid side of things, where my focus was on the card games. During the weekend we had eight Fluxx qualifiers - from standard to Cthulhu and nearly everything in between - each person who won a qualifier game was given a seat at the final. The final was a game of Fluxx incorporating each and every Fluxx game (including nearly every expansion and promotional card) shuffled together into one enormous deck. Crazy? Absolutely. In fact, you might just call it down right Looney. Fun? Without a doubt. 

The convention had a time travel theme this year, and what would a time travel convention be without a few games of Chrononauts? We played both standard and Early American Chrononauts, and one game of UberChrononauts, which ended with the thirteenth paradox opening, and the world getting destroyed. 

Each evening was given over to howling hunger and paranoia as many different people from around the convention joined in for Are You A Werewolf? (using the deluxe version viewers from the kickstarter project) We played many games each evening, and I was even able to take one person who had never played before and turn him into a moderator during the convention. 

Another highlight of the convention is that I was able to demo a few games of Nanofictionary using the updated rules. Everyone had a lot of fun with it, and it, of course, produced some ridiculous stories.

All in all, the Looney Labs tables at AnCon were a rousing success. Those who had played Looney Labs games before thoroughly enjoyed it, and we were able to spread the love of Looney Labs games to a number of new players as well. I look forward to running the Looney Labs tables at AnCon 2014!

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