Looney Labs Games at Fire and Ice Con 2013

Another February, another Fire and Ice Convention in Manitowac, WI! I was able to bring out my entire Looney Labs library this time, so here was our table setup:

Since this a very family friendly con, we were able to get a few games of Family and Eco Fluxx in with two families that had younger kids, and I was delighted to see that all the various game store vendors had some Looney Labs games in, including two of them which had pyramids which is something I've only seen once or twice at a con! As usual, I made a note of which game stores had which games so that when players asked I could point them towards which stores had what they were looking for. We also played a round of Martian Chess with the adults while my fiance played Ice Dice and Launchpad 23 with the kids.

After the families, we had a couple of middle aged folks come by and try out Cthulhu and Star Fluxx, noting they had seen Star Fluxx on Tabletop and loved my homemade card in there. They were already seasoned Fluxx players, but they hadn't known about the Fluxx Blanx and as one of them is an artist, he was very happy to realize he could spice up his decks with his own ideas. We also played a game of World War 5 which they seemed to like a lot.

Our last group in our block (that we totally went over in time but the con people are awesome and didn't mind letting us have extra time) was a group of teenagers who saw Oz Fluxx and asked if that was like the upcoming movie. We invited them to try it out and most of them had a really good time. One of the girls seemed kinda "bleh" about it, but from all their chitchat during the game I think she wasn't really a fan of gaming much at all, although they did go over and buy a copy of Zombie Fluxx after and I spied her playing with more enthusiasm later on in the evening, so we may have made a covert!

I did have a guy stop over and ask me about a pyramid game he had played a while back but couldn't remember the name of. After a bit of chatting what he did in the game, we came to determine it was Zendo, and he admired the Xeno Pyramids I had, since he had never seen them. He looked through the game booklet I had with me and he didn't realize just how many games there are, and I pointed him towards the internet to get an idea of really just how veristile they are. He did ask if there was a large pack of pyramids, since he said its hard to find more than a box or two of pyramid stashes, and asked me to put in feedback that it would be great if there was a multistash set that new players could buy to be able to play the bigger games right away. I did point out that IceDice came with 2 stashes and even a great carrying case but he was looking for more like a 5 stash set at a slight price break. I let him know I'd be happy to pass along the feedback but did also point out that one of the same stores was running a "Buy 1 Get 1 Half price" special that night, and that I saw they had 3 rainbow stashes as well as a few copies of IceDice and Treehouse. When I stopped by later to see if they had a board game I was debating, I saw he only has 2 stashes and only 1 IceDice and a few Treehouse, so hopefully that helped the guy out a bit!

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Comment by Genevieve Faber on March 26, 2013 at 1:35am

I believe it was Keith or Kevin (I can't remember) but he didn't have a last name on the badge, I just remember it being a K name.

Comment by Andrew Lupp on March 20, 2013 at 9:18pm

Amazing job Genevieve! It looks like you really touched on all the possible game groups with your Looney Labs Library!   And a great job at directing the gentleman to purchase the pyramids. Great follow through from interest to helping him remember what he had played before to directing him to a purchase! It would be great if all demos went that way! Do you remember his name? I wonder if he joined the Fan Club?


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