Kristin and I were the Gaming Guests of Honor at LunaCon, a sci-fi convention held in New York, and we had a great time.

We ran several events during the weekend. On the first night, we did an Oz Fluxx preview event. It being a week before the release, everyone was eager to try out the new game, and when word got out that the dealer selling our games had pre-release copies for sale, several fans literally got up and ran down to the dealer's room to buy a copy before they were all gone. (They sold out of Oz Fluxx the first night.)

On Saturday I ran a session of Andy vs. Everybody. This event works best at the really big conventions, where I can draw enough people to play 10 games at once. At LunaCon, the most games I got into at once was only 5, but it was still a fun session and I won 6 of the 14 games I played.

I also ran a session of my Parsely game called Muffins. This attracted about ten players, and as always, everyone loved it.

We ran two official sessions of my playtest workshop, and attendees really enjoyed getting to try out their choice of my unpublished games. And some of the secret projects I have in development received very positive responses!

Along the way we got the star treatment, starting with big Guest of Honor ribbons to wear throughout the event (one attendee said to me as I put mine on, "We like to decorate our guests like show ponies!") including a huge gift basket (filled with teas and cheeses and fruit and so on) and being welcomed at celebrities at various parties. It was grand!

Here's one more pano from that weekend, of an epic-long Zendo game that was going on in the lobby:

Anyway, it was a wonderful weekend, and we'd like to send a big thanks to everyone at LunaCon for inviting us!

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