Madness takes over the Land of Make Believe!

Today marks the first official Demo I have run for Looney Labs games! I demoed Cthulhu Fluxx at the Land of Make Believe in Hudson Ohio. Before the official demo, I ran the owner of the store through not only Cthulhu Fluxx, but also a few other Looney Labs games with which he was unfamiliar, namely 7 Dragons and Chrononauts. During the actual demo itself, we had only four people besides myself, however of them, only one had ever played a Fluxx game before, so I got to indoctrinate some new players into the fold of Looney Labs games! (After the demo, two of them bought a copy of a Fluxx to add to their own game collections) We played two full games of Cthulhu Fluxx with a different winner each time. Strangely, even though in both games The Stars Are Right and Cosmic Instructions were in play at the same time at some point, neither game fell to a dreaded Ungoal. Everyone at the table greatly enjoyed themselves, and were eager to learn and play the newest Fluxx. They also greatly enjoyed receiving the Hastur promo card, and as they were walking out of the store, were discussing the best words to use. I am currently in talks with the owner of the Land of Make Believe to establish a regular Looney Labs demo night at this store.

As a side note, while I was pitching the event to the store owner a few weeks ago, two customers overheard and said they would not be able to attend the demo, but were interested in learning the game. Luckily, I had my demo kit with me, and was able to have a small impromptu demo right then and there, so it always pays to have your demo kits handy; you never know when you might need them!  

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Comment by Andrew Lupp on September 9, 2012 at 11:47pm

Great report Matthew! Especially when new players experience the games and then make a purchase at the store! There are so many great things on the way for great game technicians like yourself! 

Update us all on the regular Looney Labs game night at Land of Make Believe. 

Thanks for being so proactive and congrats on your first ( and very successful) official demos...


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