Michigan Tech Winter Carnival All Nighter Feb 5 2013

(sorry for the late post, all my pics were saved on my laptop that died and I just fixed it)

So at the local college, Michigan Technological University, they have an event called Winter Carnival, where they celebrate the snow (as we get a LOT) part of it is the "All Nighter" where students work on snow statues throughout the night. Now, given that it's cold hard work, people like to take breaks. So, the gaming club ran a board game all nighter, and I did a table of looney labs games for a couple of hours.

First up was Star Fluxx, as many of the gaming club members had seen Wil Wheatons TableTop series and wanted to try it. I actually got a very rare picture of playing the game since another player snapped a picture and emailed it to me! (I'm the one with the long red hair and a fist full of cards)

Next up, we had a game of Cthulu Fluxx. Rather, the SHORTEST game of Fluxx I have ever played. I didn't even get a turn!

Here is the 'winning' game setup, and below the pic I will detail the few short steps to 'victory'

At start of game, Player 1 drew Nightmares and Player 3 drew The Shoggoth (3 doom points on the table at the start!)

Player 1 played  Strange Aeons which brought out Cosmic InstructionsPlayer 2 then drew Cthulhu (3 more doom points.....6 doom points total on table)

Player 3 was forced on his turn to play Call of Cthulhu because of Cosmic Instructions....

Which immediately meant end of game, without me, Player 4 getting a chance to go.

Needless to say it was the most unique game of Fluxx I ever got to run, and it lead to lots of laughs by everyone. We played another game of Cthulhu Fluxx and then tried out my original Fluxx deck. By this time the group kinda broke up a little since a few of them had to get back out to statue building and I joined in on a different game, but all in all it was a great success and hopefully a few of them will be asking the FLGS about Fluxx so maybe they will start carrying it!

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Comment by Andrew Lupp on March 20, 2013 at 9:12pm

Great report Genvieve! Sorry about all the DOOM!  :)


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