Kristin and I were the Gaming Guests of Honor at MidSouthCon, a sci-fi convention held in Memphis, Tennessee, and we had a splendid time.
We were featured in a bunch of panel discussions, parties, and meet-and-greets. I was featured on 2 panels, one about the perfect villain, and the other about the game industry in general. We were guests at their banquet, they gave us a delightful gift basket at their opening ceremonies, and we met some very enthusiastic fans at their "Kaffeeklatsch with the GoHs" and "Meet the Looneys" sessions.
We didn't run any official game events, but we did play our games all weekend long. The con provided us with prime table space at the front of their large gaming room, and we had folks there playing games with us any time we weren't busy with other events.
Of course, the chance to playtest unpublished games was very popular, and the new games we have in development got great reactions.
Also, I once again ran a session of my Parsely game, Muffins. I only got half a dozen players, but they'd had a great time. (This session also drove me to create a new handout for next time, which explains what the game is and how it works.)
One other highlight was getting to hobnob with the other Guests of Honor, in particular Marta Kristen, aka Judy Robinson from Lost in Space. She's so charming!

Anyway, it was a fantastic weekend, and we'd like to send a big thanks to everyone at MidSouthCon for inviting us!

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Comment by Wes Yahola on July 26, 2012 at 4:30pm

It was all kinds of fantastic to meet and play games upon games with you and Kristin that weekend! Hope to get another such chance one day!


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