'This past Thursday I had an excellent evening of gaming at Dirigo Hobbies in Yarmouth, Maine! While waiting for the MTG players to gather, I broke out StarFluxx and Oz Fluxx, and we had time to play a game of each. Lots of fun, and I gave a promo postcard for Oz Fluxx to each of the winners! Quetions were asked and answered, and I was told I'd be welcome back to play again. This may become a regular weekly game.  Next, to slip in some pyramid games. I'll earn that Pink Hijinks yet!  (If there are any still available!)

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Comment by Kristin Looney on May 18, 2012 at 7:52pm

Yay!  Dirigo Hobbies has a new Game Tech - fabulous news - I look forward to future reports on gaming in this store!  


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