OddCon: Park Inn Telford, UK. October 12th-14th

A regular host for Rabbits/Techs, this convention continued to be small yet busy. On the good side, attendees were friendly, listened when rules were explained and asked before borrowing games to look through. On the down side, they wanted that Horror In Clay promo and weren't taking 'No' for an answer.

I gave the Horror In Clay card out on 4 occasions; as a prize in the two tournaments I ran on each day of the weekend (Friday was left free for unstructured demos). I feel somewhat guilty that a person who came to all 4 and tried so hard couldn't be given one as a Miss Congeniality prize or the like, but I just didn't have the cards. It was made worse by the fact that he was the organiser, taking time out to compete...   

The standard 'thanks for playing' tokens were Hasturs for the Cthulhu Fluxxers, If I Only Knew The Words for the Oz Fluxx players, Robo-Doc for Star Fluxx (with bonus humming of the Imperial Death March when the 'laser sword' came out) and Press Your Luck for pyramid players. I had hoped to get enough Starship Cadets for a prize to be awarded for the most wins, but they just weren't all that popular this weekend compared to Fluxx variants. I stuck said prize (a Rainbow stash) into the charity raffle, so it could help raise money.

Several groups were surprised by Oz Fluxx's existence, suggesting that it hasn't been widely promoted by UK game stores. The overall reaction to it was positive, so hopefully they'll spread the word amongst their friends. And if I ever, ever hear that Lollipop Guild song again, it'll be too soon.

Cthulhu Fluxx, unsurprisingly, was the most popular game. OddCon doesn't have a trade hall, just a couple of stands, so they couldn't buy it there. Luckily the main distributor in the UK gets the full LL range.

It's difficult to estimate numbers at an informal con as people move around in a manner more akin to Brownian motion than with the aim of going somewhere; also you get a lot of people who drop in several times a day as a matter of course. However, I can say that of those I demoed for, all were happy with the games (and expressed a desire to own those that they didn't have) and I got used to the sight of coming back from getting a drink to find a circle of ominously grinning gamers tapping the Cthulhu box meaningfully.

However, beware the convention metagame. If it's Paranoia-based, don't leave your equipment punch unattended...everyone else will plant treasonous kit in there and turn you in.     

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Comment by Andrew Lupp on October 18, 2012 at 3:43pm


Great report and amazing work at a Game tech. You seem to utilize the promo items very well in many different play environments. 

I gave the Horror In Clay card out on 4 occasions; as a prize in the two tournaments I ran on each day of the weekend

Regarding the two tournaments - do you remember how many players you had for each? And how many Horror in Clay promo cards you began with/ 25?   It would be nice to know how many players didn't get one compared to those that did receive it. 

You said you gave the HIC promo out on four occasions - besides the tournaments you mentioned, were the other two demos?  In which case how id you distribute them.

Was there any other occasion that the organiser could have gotten the HIC card? 

You have a keen sense as to rewarding promo items, so it would be nice for you to share that information and this provides a good starting point for new GTs. 

and Press Your Luck for pyramid players.

What Pyramid games did you play? 

Great report as usual and thanks so much for being a great Game Tech!



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