Last night (while in town for PAX), we did a game store event at Gamma Ray Games in Seattle. It's a small shop, but even so they have a lovely little gaming area upstairs, with 3 tables, and we settled in for an evening of fun.

Andy,Kristin, and Jenn each took over a table and taught games to the folks who showed up - we had a great crowd of fans to play with!

While Jenn and Andy focused on playtesting new versions of Fluxx and other new games, Kristin ran another session of "Cadet Training" teaching people to play with pyramids. While all the pyramid games they were playing are long time established favorites, the playtesting here was of the new marketing kit that will be coming out in October. Get ready to attend (or run) Cadet Training at a game store near you next month! 

On a more personal note, a long time friend the Martian Princess attended this event! We haven't seen her in at least 15 years, since she lives in Chicago, but she just happened to be in Seattle at the same time as us! She's the one holding up her ID card as we play Chrononauts.)

Thanks again to Gamma Ray Games for hosting us, and to all the attendees for dropping in to play games with us!

(If you were at this event, please RSVP on this event page - it helps us remember where we met you!)

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