On our last night in Seattle we went to Green Lake Games. This was Andy's favorite of all the game store events we did on this trip, simply because this store is run by some industry friends and a lot of the folks visiting with us were people we've gotten to know at conventions over the years.

The evening also had a casual vibe because the store was in disarray. Green Lake Games was one of the vendors selling games (including ours) at PAX, and they'd basically cleaned out their store in order to set up their booth at the convention. Since they hadn't had time yet to recover from PAX, boxes were stacked up everywhere, but even so it was very comfortable.

We did a lot of playtesting this time. Just about every table was playing one of Andy's prototypes, and everyone had a great time.

Here you see Kristin teaching pyramid games at one end of the table while the group at the other end of the table playtests Math Fluxx.

Here we see Phil and Calye Lacefield on the either end of this group of Fluxx: The Board Game playtesters.

We stayed there playing games until they closed at midnight, and then we took the party next door to Beth's and played some more Fairy Tale Fluxx while waiting to eat awesome waffles.

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Comment by Andrew Lupp on September 17, 2012 at 12:17pm

I was up at Greenlake Games when it first opened! (ahh Greenlake what great area!) NIce to see the Lacefields ( Phil helped me fix my Saab. (he is a Saab expert!) Mr. Gaella looks very happy too!  Great fun! wish I still lived in Seattle!

How DOES that Fluxx boardgame work? 


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