This was kind of a dry run for me as I've never hosted a games event before and I didn't have any formal materials with me—just IceDice, three Treehouse sets, and the board and rules card from Pink Hijinks.  (I deliberately didn't bring the pink nests I'm now lobbying to call a "short stash".)  Academy stuff was mentioned, but again this was done without formal materials.  :)

We started with IceDice because I consider it to be the modern "base set" for pyramid gaming.  Since there were four of us, I started out with Launchpad 23.  It was actually the first time I played the game and I told them so from the outset.  We enjoyed the game, but found it a bit quirky to play on something basically the size of a beverage coaster that didn't quite lay flat.  We soon took the board out of play, spread the pyramids out a little further, and played on.  I noted that this was perfectly acceptable and encouraged.  The board, I noted, was there just because people kind of expected there to be one for such a game.  Fun was had by all.

Next we opened up a treehouse set.  They made the usual mistake and assumed the Pharaoh board was for Treehouse, and they liked it better for playing on.  :)  I showed them Treehouse and we played that, and then Pharaoh.  At that point I opened Treehouse #2 to grab its stash for 4 player IceDice.  The comment made was, "Wow, with enough of these things I guess you could play all kinds of games, couldn't you?  Yes Rob, yes you can…  A cadet is born!

Finally we set up a game of Pink-er, RGB Hijinks with one nest of each color.  We went over the rules, but didn't play this one since there were four of us and it's a two-player game.  But I noted that all you needed to play the game was included in IceDice if you had the rules.  And if you had a couple different colored D6s, you had everything you needed for Treehouse as well.

That brought on the question: Why do you need more than just IceDice?  Don't have PwP or anything, so I grabbed the treehouse dice from the three and set up Black ICE and we talked about 3House games.  Then I pulled out my iPad and we talked about the wiki and we talked about what I needed to play Volcano (a 6th stash's pawns).  They'd all played four games and generally liked them, and they'd learned a fifth how to play a fifth and been introduced to two more.

Finally a couple of guys wanted to know: What do you buy to play all the games we've talked about?  My suggestion to them was that the currently best way to get a full set of 5 stashes was two IceDice and a Treehouse.  I suggested getting extra Treehouse dice obviously.

We spent about four hours total, which is a little longer than I intended.  But three guys are now more than halfway to being Starship Captains.  Well, four guys, since I don't consider myself to be one yet.  I only discovered these things myself a couple of weeks ago, and have only had a full five-stash set a couple of days.  Another Pink Hijinks and some xeno stashes are on their way…  :)

Hope I did it right(ish)!

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