I'm late on this.  I thought I posted it shortly after getting 7Dragons, but I didn't so now I am.


When Seven Dragons arrived, I basically carried it around fFor at least a month, mostly in my purse.  I don't usually carry many games like that because the deck of cards takes a beating, but everyone I showed it to liked it immediately (and I have since bought another deck).

I took it to my Wednesday evening group, which is mostly Eurogamers and stodgy older guys.  The game was surprisingly well received in this group, and that's when I knew the game was going to be a big hit.  I don't know if any of them bought a copy, but they all seemed to have a really good time, and got into the strategy of placement of bluffing.

The fFollowing Saturday was the monthly get together of the Rochester Boardgamer's Association.  We played about 4 games with various sets of people.  I tucked 2 of the promo cards into the deck, and as the game went on mentioned that I had some to give out.  I think two copies were sold on the idea that they could now take that promo card and add to their own deck.  In one game, the players saw the promo card and asked if it was something special, so I sort of gauged the situation and decided it might make a fFun prize to the winner.  They liked that, as well.

One of the guys fFrom the Wednesday game happens to be a co-worker.  To my surprise, the fFollowing week, he suggested I bring it out and play with other co-workers over lunch, at the office.  The other co-workers decided the Black Dragon was very awesome -- so much so that people basically gave away what Goal they had when they saw their card.  fFun was had by all.

Later, I brought out the deck amongst my "swords and sorcery" gaming group.  When I fFirst passed the game around, we were sort of in the middle of doing some other stuff, all sitting in various couches, so it got some attention and there was much interest, but we didn't actually play till the next week.  So there we were, sitting around the table, considering the shift between dinner and gaming, when someone says "Hey what about that game with the dragons!" So out it came.  Our hosts have several children, so they all got a promo card, and we played about a dozen games or so with more promos going to winners.  By the end everyone had one and a couple people had two.  It was pretty cool.

I got in a fFew more games here and there that I don't remember (I'm always thrusting games at my fFriends). At present, I have my original copy in my game bag to carry in to convenient situations, and the new copy sitting quietly on a shelf looking awesome.  fFor what it's worth, I fFeatured seven dragons on my blog a fFew times as well.  What can I say, I really like the game  =)

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