Starship Captain Training @ Who's Yer Con

I will make this one post even though it was 3 sessions. Note to year, plan more time and and allow time for set up and take down. Between sessions I had people waiting for the last to end and me to set up the next.

The event was quite popular and mostly filled with people who had never played or had only just got their first 'Mids.

I have to say running this was a bit overwhelming as a new Game Tech and only having taught my kids and close friends. As people picked things up at different speeds, I sometimes had different games going on at the same time. I even forgot some rules and had to refer to my Primer for help. I also had a couple show up mid session who wanted to play. I quickly comandeered a free table and set them up to play at their own pace. I think next time will run smoother now that I see how things worked. I gave away almost all the free pyramid cards I got from the Lab and I also randomly gave away sets of Martian Coasters and an Ice Dice set.

All in all, everyone had fun, including my youngest Cadet who was a mean Dice roller. One women can be seen in the pictures with a tablet open...she was ordering Pyramids online since none of the vendors had any. BTW, I got contact info from the vendors so I could email them next year to give them a heads up on what I'm demoing so they have some on site. Good times!



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Comment by Andrew Lupp on April 2, 2013 at 11:08am

Wow Chris It looks and sounds like you were doing all the right things!   Often times, setting up a schedule is a great thing. This gives you the ability to be the "lone warrior" and not turn anyone away, since the "next event" hasn't started yet. Its a common mistake if you are demoing alone, to think that you should try to let everyone try to play right away. BUt this often leads to folks needing your attention and not getting it.  Just politely tell folks that he next demo section will be starting in X minutes. and say they can walk around until then OR offer the the rules book ( or even copy of a game) to sit and familiarize themsleves with - but tell them honestly you need and want to devote your attention to the folks that are currently in a session. Mostly its thinking on your feet and being polite. Gamers understand. :)

Don't sweat not knowing all the rules all the time. That's what rule books are for.  Maybe next year have a little help - especially if other GTs were there.

Great work! and special  Looney Honors for you for bringing the games to other folks!



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