Table Top Game day at Gamerz in Greenwood, IN

My wife and I showed up at Gamerz game store a little before noon. I was scheduled to run Looney Labs games from noon-4:00 and 5:00-9:00 and she was running Steve Jackson games for the same period. There was a table set up for me with a sign listing what I would be running (Looney Pyramids, Fluxx, Chrononauts, Back to the Future). I set out a bunch of pyramids, including having a board set up for Caldera, and also my Fluxx, Chrononauts, BTTF, Seven Dragons, and Aquarius.

The first players that I had were a father and daughter (Reed and Samantha) that I know from a local science fiction club. They were familiar with Fluxx but wanted to try a different version. We played Zombie Fluxx. After that we were joined by a player new to Looney Labs games (Hunter). After talking a bit about the pyramids I showed him Martian Chess and we played a couple of games. Then we were joined by Reed and Samantha for some Zendo. Reed left to try some other games and I taught Samantha and Hunter Ice Dice. I then taught them Chrononauts and we played two games of that. On the second one we were joined by another new player (a friend of Hunter's whose name I don't remember) who had watched about half of the first game. Hunter and his friend left to try other games and Samantha and I were joined by Ren (my son) and a friend of his (Kaleb) for a game of Python Fluxx. Samantha didn't enjoy that as much because she wasn't familiar enough with Monty Python. I then taught Samantha Caldera which she really enjoyed and for the rest of the day I was often playing a game of Caldera with her while playing other games at the same time. I then taught her Treehouse and played several games of that with Samantha, Ren, and Kaleb. Reed then rejoined us and we played a couple of games of Seven Dragons and ended the evening with a game of Oz Fluxx followed by a game of Star Fluxx with Reed, Samantha, Ren, and Kaleb.

We stopped playing about 8:45. We played straight through the break that I had scheduled. They have a lunch counter at the game store and I grabbed a quick sandwich and ate while playing. It was a wonderful time. We are planning on running more games at this store. The next event will probably be May 11. I will put up an event notice here when the details are finalized.

My wife told me that she had several players at her table (which was next to mine) who were talking about how cool the pyramids looked, although none ever came over to play. She did take my Oz Fluxx over to her table and played with them at the end of the evening.

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Comment by Alison Frane on June 11, 2013 at 1:45pm

Sounds like things were really hopping there!  Thanks for playing!


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