(Sorry if this is report but I was just perusing my past event reports and didn't see this one so I am reposting)

So....tabletop day 2013 was a success...but not in the way I expected!

I brought my whole gambit of games, and was wholly expecting the day to be filled with Fluxx and pyramids (which is normal) however I was very pleased when my first group of players wanted to know about Chrononauts, which I love playing, but is often overlooked!

As the gaming club had well advertised Tabletop Day, we actually got 4 players and myself playing. This of course drew a small crowd of about 6 people watching the game. During the game, we chatted about some of the different characters and such, and one of the bystanders asked about Early American Chrononauts. Once we finished this game (it took nearly 2 hours) I actually managed to get a group of 4 plus myself together for a game of Uber Chrononauts, which is something I haven't been able to do in years which was awesome.

Now, I did warn the players that Uber Chrononauts often can take MUCH longer. We started at about 2 PM Eastern. Oh, I forgot to mention one of my players was dressed up as a shyguy. That should have been my first warning.

Well, around 5:30 PM, I had noticed that shyguy and the player to his left has started making a weird alliance of sort. Apparently, since it was getting close to dinnertime, they decided to anarachy. Unfortuntely, the rest of us didn't realize thier nefarious plan until shyguy has created a 12th paradox on 3 lines and passed the turn to the next player.....

Who then created the 13th paradox on a 4th line, thus ending the game. They were quite proud of their plot, and I had to give them major kudos for thinking outside the box. There was then celebratory pizza, and all was good :)

All in all, though we only got to play 2 games (though there was a group who grabbed my pirate fluxx and had their own game in the background and I did have a few people leaf through the pyramids guide) I still would consider the day a great success, since I got to play a game I hardly ever get to spotlight and we found a great group of players that really had a great time despite the nefarious plotting and the looooong length of games. A couple of the players and bystanders asked if any of Looney Labs games could be bought locally, and I let them know unfortunately not at this time, but when they are home for the summer Target has now started carrying Fluxx, and to also ask the local cardshop about it, since the guy who runs the cardshop has recently been carrying a couple of games (dominion, munchkin, and blockus) and has been steadily adding to that collection based on customer feedback, so hopefully their feedback will lead to us finally having a local gameshop of sorts :)

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Comment by Genevieve Faber on May 22, 2013 at 11:46pm

d'oh! In the opening line, that SHOULD read "Sorry if this is REPOST" not REPORT :P


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