Had a great time playing games with people at UBCon.

Took out my entire game library and ran the open gaming area.

Oz Fluxx seems to have been a big hit, it was probably the most played Looney Lab game.

Followed it up by teaching a non-gamer who loved MP's holy grail Monty Python Fluxx.

Some late night ZENDO made peoples brains hurt, and the library stayed open being a singular site at the convention where gaming never stopped.

Other than a single game of Nanofictionary(played with original rules), the other Looney games didn't see much play time that I noticed, but they were being loaned out, and we had 40-50 people at a time in the open gaming area.

Roughly 70 hours of gaming straight normally leaves me burnt out, but I found myself more relaxed at this con, despite it being the largest UBCon yet, hosting over 1000 people. Can't wait for next year.

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