Well, I got my IceDice Cadet Training kit, and I am brushing up on some of the games I already know, and learning the ones I don't know yet from the syllabus. I learned and played (albeit 'solitaire',) Zark City today.  Now On to Ice Towers and Black ICE.  I have been in touch with the Owner of "My" store, Dirigo Hobbies in Yarmouth, Maine, and have plans to start Cadet Training early in the New Year.  I plan to talk to him about a Pyramid event to go along with his other New Year's eve events.

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Comment by Andrew Lupp on December 18, 2012 at 2:37pm

Sounds great Randall! Ask your local store if you can come in and play even if you are not formally training cadets! Just plop don during an open gaming session and see if you can grab a few players...  never know!



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