You wanna play fluxx? Tournament Origins games 2016

Hello! Here is my report for a Fluxx tournament I ran at Origins games 2016. This was my first time running any Fluxx event and I actually took advantage of the lending library program that Loony labs had to offer. The theme for this years Convention was "Robots", so I thought the most appropriate Fluxx deck to run would have to be "Star Fluxx". 

I first learned about the game in 2004, and ever since I have been a fan. Now that I am older I wanted to run at least one event at this years convention. Since Fluxx is a relatively easy and laid back game, it would be the best option if I want to get more involved with event programming. 

I reached out to Alison from event support for some help with prize support, and that is where I first learned of the lending library. It was perfect! The original plan was to use four different fluxx decks, however with this option available, we can keep the event tailored to "Star-Fluxx". Alison was kind enough to supply me with 16 promo cards and an extra Star Fluxx deck as price support.

With prize support and the structure of the event already in motion, the next step was to submit the event with the convention itself. Needless to say the event was accepted. A tournament with four Fluxx decks (four to a deck) with single elimination and winners playing in the final round was the description in the official event book for Origins 2016! The convention was right around the corner and I got my supplies in the mail in only a few days. I was ready to go!

At the convention, I found my tables and began set up. I was a little worried at first since the area seemed very dead, thankfully people started showing up one by one to play. I had a total of 9 participants so I was able to do three people to a deck. Everyone who showed up were already huge fans of the game, and already knew how to play. After everyone got their promo card "robot doctors", it was time for round one.

I didn't really set a time limit for the rounds. Fluxx is a pretty fast paced game, so it wasn't needed. The players were randomly assigned to their decks and began playing. Since everyone was pretty used to the rules so we didn't have any issues. A few players were surprised by the action card "Brain Transference, it was actually pretty funny. I don't think there has ever been a card in fluxx that allows you to completely swap places with your opponent. 

After the three matches were played it was time for the final round. The final play was "Brain Transference" and an action card that allowed you to dig thru the discard pile to get any one card. With the winner of tournament claiming victory, I thanked everyone for their participation and to keep an eye out for this event next year. Everyone had fun so in my opinion the tournament was a huge success! It was simple, laid back and very friendly to all ages! I can't wait to do this again next year. 

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