The new Guess That Goal game is a great way to cultivate interest in a new Fluxx game.

And it seems especially good for Cthulhu Fluxx, since we Cthulhu cultists fans tend to pride ourselves on cognizance of arcane facts and lore.

Just on the basis of the cards revealed today, I'm starting to think about deck additions. But until I know more about the deck, I'm not sure exactly how I'd want the Brain Cylinder card to function. Provisionally: It could be an Action card playable only if the Fungi (Mi-Go) were on the table, with the effect of discarding any human Keeper in play, or transferring the human Keeper from one player to another.

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Am I the only one who thinks Cthulhuguru is groovier as a single word?

You know, like when the Cthulhuguru performs Shub-niggurath-puja until he attains Shivadarshana?

Or perhaps he's a Werewolf fan, and it should be K'thoo-loup-garou?

I do enjoy having you in my circle of people I know.   =)

Thanks! Back at ya.

So far I am 1 for 2. Enjoying the guess the goal.

I noticed that Guru Baker made the second one significantly tougher than the first, by using all actual Lovecraft titles for the distractors. I wonder if he'll be able to keep ramping up the difficulty.

Agh! I blew it today: I'm only 2 for 3 now. So much for my sense of invincible expertise. I'm glad to see from today's goal that the whole HPL oeuvre is in play -- not just the tentacular spectaculars.

Today's easy one brought me to 2 and 2.



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