As I've been playing around with the new Treehouse, I noticed that another old Pyramid game playable with the contents of the little green bag is IceSickle. Suitably inspired, I made an edit pass at the rules from the wiki, and I formatted them in a style modeled on the Pharaoh rules that come with the new Treehouse:


The docx file here is intended to be printed back-to-back with itself, so that a single sheet cuts into four copies of the rules. I left it in Word format so that people can more easily use the text elsewhere or make their own edits.

This is a super-playable game, and anyone who has the new Treehouse has everything they need in order to play. There should probably be a corresponding IceSheet, and this game might be a good candidate for Pyramid Primer #2.


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I think this is a great idea. I will get right on working on the initial forms of an IceSheet for this. I should have something together by the weekend.



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