I was thinking about Lunar Invaders (the new version), and I realized a problem. First off, if Alice spends a token to redirect a Teleport, does the target location have to be empty? Concretely:

  1. Bob has pieces on A4, B5, C6, and B1. He tries to teleport (perhaps onto a piece Alice values).
  2. Alice dislikes this and spends a token to change the location. Can she redirect the piece to B1? And if so, is the old piece combined or destroyed?

Bob's planet:
_ _ 3
_ 2 _
1 _ _

Alice's planet (before teleporting):
1 _ 2
4 _ _
_ 1 _

But the more disturbing thing is that there seem to be token wars if both players continually block the other's action, which is resolvable only if one backs off, tokens run out, or a Teleport happens.

Concretely, suppose Alice has 3 tokens to Bob's 1. Bob tries to beam home, which WOULD win the game if not for Alice, who spends 2 tokens to block the teleport. But unless Alice herself can win, Bob uses a token to cancel Alice's move and now Bob can win immediately. Or perhaps both sides are fighting over one square (control point, maybe) and they keep canceling the other player's attack.

Are there any rules that prevent this scenario? (I was wondering if the "you can't spend a token to cancel a Malfunction" rule would stop this, but that just lets one player hog the power until a Teleport happens.)

Sorry for the long question. Just wondering. Thanks.

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Interesting points - I read through the rules to see if any of this was specifically addressed.

Regarding the first question, I don't see anything in the rules preventing Alice from deciding to land the piece on B1. The only restricted space on the destination moon is the Teleport Pad (as listed under the rules for "Targeting Error"). And under "Teleport", the rules say: Any piece occupying the space your piece arrives in is destroyed. So that piece at B1 would be destroyed (even though it is one of Bob's own pieces).

As for the token wars, it does not appear that there is anything to prevent the situation you described. However, since Bob had already positioned himself to win in one move, I don't find it to be a problem that he is still able to win after Alice's futile "Total Shut Down" retaliation.




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