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Cthluhu Fluxx Demo at Church

Five new players: one was even new to the church, having come to this public event expressly to play Fluxx! We warmed up with a game of Builders of R'lyeh, so that I could show off some pyramids while keeping to the Lovecraftian theme. 

I sat out the first Cthulhu Fluxx game, serving as a neutral play consultant. This game had no winner as an un-goal brought play to a close.



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The Thing on the Doorstep

When I arrived home yesterday, a Cthulhu Fluxx demo kit was The Thing on the Doorstep. (And a good Thing too, lest I become The Lurker at the Threshold.) My daughter had been eagerly awaiting a new Fluxx game, and she insisted that we play right away. (Not that I resisted at all.)

Our first game went pretty smoothly. She would have won once or twice, if I hadn't changed the goal in the nick of time. New rules seemed slow in coming for this game. Maybe I didn't…


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Gnostica at Aum. Ha. Lodge

Played a fine four-handed game of Gnostica tonight, and just managed to win. I grew a Knight into Temperance on the far corner of the field, and quickly created and occupied two more territories from there, allowing me to declare my impending victory with 11 points. My opponents did strip off two, but I survived to win.

Here's the game pretty early on; I'm cyan. That two of discs in the corner eventually grew up to be Temperance.…


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