Location: Herndon, VA at a game night.

Time: 7pm-10pm

Games played: Cosmic Coasters, Fluxx 5.0

4 players in for Cosmic Coasters.  None had seen/played it before.  Pyramid pieces were used as tokens.

The game appeared simple at first but all players quickly realized there is a lot of depth to it, which earned it compliments.  With 4 players, the game lasted about 20 minutes.  As game play progressed, alliances among players developed because some players found themselves in a position where they no longer controlled enough control points.  Suggestions about the game were that the instructions be more clear or that a print out of the rules be available (with all 4 coasters in use, the rules need to be accessed separately online or printed).  There was a bit of a learning curve with players figuring out that destroying a ship by teleporting onto it does not count as an attack.

7 players in for Fluxx 5.0 .  I pointed out that fluxx games are usually 2-6 players but more than that does work.  At least 4 had previously played Fluxx or some version of it.  The other players quickly learned the game.  One comment about this specific version was that there are a lot of rules in it.  Because a 7-player game can lead to long wait times for turns, I employed the Shuffle-Inflation rule but it did not have any effect because we did not reset to the basic rules afterward any shuffle of the deck.

Just Desserts was also played for fun (not demoed) among 5 players, 4 of whom have previously played it.

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