Preparing for a new academic year - Sussex Uni, UK

The summer break at Sussex University is never a busy period in the year, but inspired by the success of the kickstarter, I decided that this was a good time to get some of the pyramid games other than Zendo taught to the students.

A moderate number of them already knew and were happy playing Seven Dragons, so the move to Aquarius Rising was not a hard one. Working out how to win was hard, but this has definitely struck a chord. Of all the things I've tried, this one has probably been the biggest hit. Made slightly harder by the pyramids being mine and the copy of Seven Dragons belonging to one of my friends.

Pushed on my the success of teaching Aquarius Rising, I then have been attempting to teach some of the other games from Arcade. With a larger group, two player games are generally not played much, we'd rather all be doing the same thing, so actually getting the simpler games to the table has been oddly challenging. The ten player game of Treehouse sunk rather, but I've been persevering and have a few converts to Treehouse at lower player counts who would not have considered it for a filler otherwise.

We've played most of the Arcade games that I have existing pieces for (Some games like Twin Win won't happen until I get the cards), with a mix of success, and I've certainly added a few new strings to my bow. I've even had a few people ask where they could source their own set from, which is a bonus. How many will buy the arcade I don't know, and as none of the pyramid products are easily available in the UK, none have gone to the effort of trying to get them imported.

I'm hoping that by teaching old players new games now that I can get more converts with the new academic year starting soon, and hoping to keep a few playing long enough that they might be willing to consider Pyramid Arcade when it finally reaches the UK.

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